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Breaking: WIBC's Nigel Headed to The Pokey

Goodbye Radio, Hello Federal Pound Me In The A@@ Prison!

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Well, it's finally happened... WIBC's Nigel of Indy's #1 rated Hammer and Nigel Show is headed to the pokey.

Granted, Nigel's impending incarceration isn't necessarily a "surprise" per se. The fact is, Indianapolis has a long and proud tradition of sending its afternoon radio personalities to jail. Hell, it's practically included in the standard employee benefits package. 

Never one to be outdone, however, old Nige has set an all-new standard in local broadcast imprisonment by becoming the first host in Naptown to land himself a reservation in FEDERAL prison. That's right; no white-collar resort facilities for Nigel...

When reached for comment late this afternoon, the loving husband and father of two indicated he was looking forward to a change of pace.

"Yeah, the loss of freedom and daily assaults in the shower will obviously be a drag, but at least I won't have to work with Rob Kendall anymore."

Arresting agents reached out to Nigel via voicemail to advise him they were en route. Click the link below to hear the message for yourself, as well as Hammer and Nigel's disastrous attempt to set everything straight. 

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