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Cancer Cluster in Johnson County?

Photo Credit- Giles Clarke/Getty Images

There appears to be an issue with contaminated air and soil in Southern Indiana. WTHR’s Sandra Chapman joins Hammer and Nigel to discuss a scary story happening in Johnson County.

High levels of carcinogens, including Radon, TCE and PCE were detected in homes in Johnson County. There has been a high amount of pediatric cancer in Johnson County near the old Amphenol Corporation and Franklin Power Products site. The community was previously told that there was no significant reason for it to be happening. Nearly half the children who were diagnosed had lived near the contaminated area. The state viewed the results and determined that they could not rule it a cancer cluster.

“Basically the state of Indiana said they felt there was nothing that needed to be done. This is pretty significant. This is the first time air testing has been done. These mothers were basically told ‘We can’t help you.’”

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