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Carmel Approves $96 Million Bond Packages

Photo Credit-RTV6

More roundabouts will be coming to Carmel. That and $96 million dollars' worth of other packages for the city. A large portion of the money will go towards funding a boutique hotel and an expansion of the Monon Greenway through City Center.

Chris Sikich of the Indianapolis Star breaks down the details.

"$40 million dollars is going to a boutique hotel. It's going to be the only 5-Star hotel in the area. Carmel would own the building, but would be licensing the brand from the Marriott."

The Carmel City Council voted down a $5 million proposal to purchase and install an antique carousel from Canada and install it in downtown Carmel. It seems as though the Carmel mayor was the only person in Carmel who actually wanted it in the first place.

"Apparently the mayor always wanted a carousel, but he couldn't get any support for it. He didn't get much following on that."



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