Channel Your Inner Burt Reynolds as the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour Rolls into Indy June 12


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Channel Your Inner Burt Reynolds as the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour Rolls into Indy June 12

Hot Rod Owners, Enthusiasts, and Their Extremely Patient Wives Welcome

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Attention classic car junkies, hot rod enthusiasts, and spouses who love (meaning "put up with") them: the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour rolls into Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis on Wednesday, June 12!

Widely considered to be the finest high-end hot rod-based automotive tour in the world, the event spans several days and over 1200 miles as classic cars and hot rods travel from city to city, making several stops along the way.

Events Manager Harrison Card with the Motor Trend Group told WIBC's Hammer and Nigel the event was an opportunity for car enthusiasts to channel their inner Burt Reynolds, Ala "Cannonball Run."


"The Power Tour is designed to get people to get out and drive. So if they want to channel a little Burt Reynolds thing, this is the thing. We want people to get out in their cars and have fun with them, get on the interstate, and let other people see them as well instead of leaving them in the garage. There is too much in car culture nowadays where people kind of bring the cars out for one or two shows, they sit in the parking lot, and the they go home. So this is the opportunity for people to drive 1200 miles with some of their best hot rod friends, and just have a ton of fun while doing it."

Don't sweat about whether or not your car technically qualifies as a "hot rod" in the traditional sense, says Card.

"I don't think anyone knows what a "hot rod" is; that's one of the most argued things in the world. So if you've got a cool car and want to show it off, but all means, bring it. It's less about 'look at my car' and more about having fun. You can have the nicest car in the world, but if nobody ever sees it, that doesn't exactly do a whole heck of a lot of good for the car culture community." 

Car enthusiasts can register their own cars to be a part of the event, and spectators can enjoy all the sights and action for free. For more information, visit the Hot Rod Power Tour website. 

For the greatest moments in Cannonball Run outtakes, click the following video:

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