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Chaos in the White House? Real or Overblown?

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When you turn on the news, all you seem to see is reports of chaos in the white house. There is drama, betrayal and fighting seemingly coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. every single day. We’re trying to figure out if this is normal behavior for a presidency, or is it being overblown in the age of social media. Dr. Laura Wilson is a professor of political science at the University of Indianapolis. She joins Hammer and Nigel to give us some answers.

“Some of the early founding fathers had a lot of turnover and a lot of other issues. We have to consider the context before we say everything is crazy. Looking at the larger trajectory, it’s probably not as crazy as everyone assumes… With regards to disagreement in the white house- that kind of thing you have all the time, but people don’t always share their opinion about it. You don’t always see the conflict that is brewing and that is where I think the chaos concept may be overblown.”  

Dr. Wilson also emphasizes that President Trump is a businessman, not a politician.

“I suspect that a lot of the things he uses and the principals he’s applying and the people he’s hiring come from business. This is part of how stuff is just done differently, but it’s not something we’re used to seeing in the political sphere.”

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