CLEARLY It's Racist: Woman Calls Hotel Worker 'N' Word, Whines That She Was Having a Bad Day


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CLEARLY It's Racist: Woman Calls Hotel Worker 'N' Word, Whines That She Was Having a Bad Day

Hotel Worker Praised for Denying Room to Racist Guest: 'It's above me now'

(Screen Capture: Craig Brooks)

"I understand that, but it's above me now." - Craig Brooks, American Badass

Yes, the internet has an all new catch phrase and a lot of love for a hotel worker in Texas who politely and professionally put the woman who called him the 'N' word in her place.

Craig Brooks, a black employee at an Austin area Holiday Inn Express, refused to give a room to a woman who reportedly used a racial slur against him. The best part? The entire thing was captured on his mobile phone!

Footage of the incident was posted to Twitter on Sunday and IT IS GLORIOUS!

From Fox News:

In the footage, she can be heard arguing with Brooks. At one point, she says, “I need to stay here, my mother died.” When Brooks confronts her about using the slur, she apologizes, to which Brooks responds, “You weren’t sorry when you said it on the phone.”

The woman continues to plead, but Brooks stands firm. When she says that she needs a room, he responds, “I understand that, but it’s above me now.” He then directs her to a nearby Best Western.

After the footage went viral, Brooks posted on Twitter, “Just got off the phone with my GM… still employed.” Meanwhile, social media users embraced Brooks’ response and “it’s above me” quickly became a meme.

Wanna see the video? Of course you do!

A cinema classic, no?

Hammer and Nigel played the clip on Thursday's show.


"I don't blame that guy at all. And that's the other thing, by the way. In 2019, you have to report those kinds of things to H.R. and upper management.

Here's the other thing I found interesting: the guy who kicked the lady out said it was the first time he'd been called a racial slur. Now to be called a racial slur even one time is one time too many. But what a great piece of news this is that an African-American who is 26-years-old has only been called a derogatory name one time in his life. It shows you how far we've come as a society. So there is a positive bit of news in the midst of this unfortunate incident."


"I don't know if I believe it or not. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I've been called that before and I'm pasty white! I'm whiter than Kenny-G and I've been called that! But maybe you guys are right and I'm just cynical because I more or less believe all people are absolutely terrible. So I hope you're right, but I'm a little leery to buy it."

Good old Hammer, always reminding us how much people suck.

Click the link below to hear more from Hammer and Nigel in today's edition of "Is it..." Strike that; "Of COURSE it's Racist."

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