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CNN: A Network of Turds

Pathetic CNN Under Fire for Trashing Trump’s Visit to Troops, Criticizing Soldiers for Bringing MAGA Hats

(Mary Valery/Getty Images)

As you're likely aware by now, CNN sucks and most of their anchors are liberal turds. Are we all clear on that? Alrighty then; let us proceed...

The most recent evidence of CNN's suckery was revealed as the alleged "news network" slammed President Donald Trump’s visit to U.S. troops in overseas.

Both the President and first lady Melania Trump surprised troops stationed in Iraq the day after Christmas, which was followed by another visit with troops in Germany.

That critically chapped the buns of the blatantly partisan and uber liberal CNN, who carelessly drew attention to some troops bringing MAGA hats for the President to sign and how this may be against official guidelines, which forbid active members of the military from participating in “political activities.”

Simply put: U.S. troops who are away from their families during the holidays will receive a reprimand that could result in possible disciplinary action because the turds at CNN can't see past their all-consuming hatred for President Donald Trump.

More simply put: CNN blows.

WIBC's Hammer and 'fake' Nigel (aka Brian Baker) talked about CNN's disgusting criticism of President Trump's visit with the troops on Thursday's show. Click the link below to check it out:

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