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Colts Rookie Zach Banner Joins The Show

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Zach Banner, rookie offensive tackle for the Colts, joins the show.  We talk about his transition from his playing days at USC to the NFL.

“The speed is a little bit different, but the technique is the biggest difference. The rush ends are so good with their hands and feet… It’s a grind, but it’s more of a mental grind.”

Zach grew up in the United States, but his family is originally from Guam.  We discuss how recent tensions with North Korea have affected him and his family.

“You try not to get distracted. There are 120,000 good Americans on that island. Guam has been a US territory since World War II, so to be honest some of those people are more American than some people who live in the United States. We don’t need to gamble with those people’s lives.”

Listen to the full interview below. 

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