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Conservative Art: A Ruth Bader Ginsburg Nursery Rhyme

Help! Elderly Supreme Court Justice Has Fallen and She Can't Get Up!

(Mykyta Dolmatov/Getty Images)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg walked down a hall.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a great fall.

But President Trump told her just what to do:

"Retire so I can replace YOUR ass too!"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg took a tumble and fractured three ribs Wednesday night. The long-time Supreme Court Justice has since been admitted to a hospital.

Doctors said in an afternoon press conference that while the 85 year-old is expected to make a full recovery, she will likely still identify as a flaming liberal.

WIBC's Rob Kendall offered condolences Thursday afternoon during a broadcast of the Hammer and Nigel show. While Kendall is not prone to falling himself, his wife informs us that he frequently struggles to get it up.

Click the link below to hear Nigel and Rob's take on the elderly Ruth Bader Ginsburg's unfortunate fall:

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