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Eric Bolling Speaks on Opioid Crisis After Son's Death

Photo Credit- Roy Rochlin/ Getty Images

Political commentator Eric Bolling is bringing awareness to the country's opioid crisis after sharing the story of his son’s accidental drug overdose. In an emotional video, Bolling talked about his son and his battle with opioids. Eric joins the Hammer and Nigel Show to talk about his son’s story and his fight against the country’s opioid problem. He recently spoke at the White House Opioid Summit and directly with President Trump. 

"President Trump has always been a good friend of mine, but something I never knew about him is that he has a ton of empathy for family and children. He called me several times after the loss of my son. The day after it happened he called to express his condolences."

Eric says that he has been encouraged by the President's response to the opioid crisis in America, but he continues to advocate that the problem is only getting worse.

Listen to his full interview here

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