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Eric Trump Exclusive Interview with Hammer and Nigel Show

Trump: "Indiana is certainly a key state for Republicans in the mid-term elections."

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Despite a chaotic day with an intense schedule this Election Day, the one and only Eric Trump (You may have heard of his father who is kind of a big deal) took time out from campaigning to talk with WIBC's Nigel of the Hammer and Nigel show.

Indiana is an important state for Republicans and Democrats who are vying for control of the House and the U.S. Senate, and the Trump administration has been putting in overtime in the Midwest over the last several months - and particularly in this last week.

On Importance of Indiana:

"Indiana has been an extremely important state for us. Mike Pence is an unbelievably amazing person.

...But we need Mike Braun and it is absolutely crucial that Hoosiers get out and vote. America is winning and we need to keep winning, Nigel."

On Voter Enthusiasm, Administration's Accomplishments:

"My biggest hope is that people don't get complacent. We had the fastest growing economy in the history of our nation. There's been 11 months since 1969 - the year we put a man on the moon - when unemployment has been under 4%. My father and the incredible Mike Pence have had six of those 11 months. 

...Our economy is on fire. Wages are going up for the first time in 16 years; manufacturing is coming back; stock market is at all time highs. I ask people: Open your IRAs; open your 401Ks and compare them to two years ago. 401Ks are up some 35%; that means people can retire earlier.

My father put together the biggest tax cut in history. Small businesses are paying 18% lower taxes than they were a year ago; the average American is saving $2,400 dollars. 

...ISIS is on the run; North Korea is handled; he's taking on prison reform; he's taking on the opioid crisis; he's taken on prescription drug prices, which are through the roof. He's protecting our Second Amendment; he's protecting religious liberty.

Our nation is back, but people have to get out there and vote because if you get Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer back in power it's going to be a disaster."

Click the link below to hear Nigel's full interview with Eric Trump:

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