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Explaining Trump's Healthcare Executive Order

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Dr. Charles Dinerstein from the American Council on Science and Health joins the show to help us make a little bit of sense on the executive order that President Trump signed the other day.

“What he wants is the Obamacare program to collapse. He’s not been able to get congress to help him out with that. This executive order is directing the secretary of labor to write new regulations regarding who can be using Obamacare. It doesn’t affect anyone getting insurance from employers.”

Dr. Dinerstein explains that small companies that didn’t have the money to pay for insurance of their employees with Obamacare can now gather together into a national association across state lines and get lower cost insurance because it would not be regulated by the state. Dr. Dinerstein also says that while the executive order will have a benefit for people who are already healthy, it’ll be the insurance companies who take a hit.

“Insurance companies are unhappy because this means that people who are not expected to have health issues will be flocking to this policy and leaving the Obamacare policy. As a result, the insurance companies will be left taking care of people with more chronic illnesses that are more expensive and they can’t raise their rates.”

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