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Fort Wayne Student Cites Fox News; “Bullied” by Teacher

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Original story from WOWO.

A Fort Wayne man is accusing his son's 8th grade Spanish teacher of pushing a political agenda on students and his son. The father says his son was shamed, bullied, and given an extra assignment by his teacher, Sarah Ford, at Blackhawk Middle School, after he cited Fox News as his source for an assignment.

"I get that you sometimes see this at the college level. This is 8th grade spanish in Fort Wayne. Where does this teacher get off trying to push a political agenda?"


More information is now known about the incident in a Fort Wayne middle school, where a Spanish teacher allegedly “bullied” a student after the student cited Fox News for an assignment. We now know the assignment was to translate a news article from English to Spanish. The student picked out an article about the Navy picking up a U.F.O on their radar.

After the bullying allegation was made, a meeting was held with the parents, the teacher and school officials. The school announced that the incident would be handled privately and the teacher was not fired. However, three days after the incident, the teacher had a new assignment: a report about why Trump didn’t do enough to help people in Puerto Rico.



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