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Good Times: Ragin' Rob Kendall is Pissed (Again)

Today's Target of Furry: Brian Bosma (Again)

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International heartthrob, teen idol, and emotionally unstable member of the WIBC family, Ragin' Rob Kendall is pissed again.

Yes, and while it's generally assumed that his anger is directly linked to those unbearably tight and blatantly homoerotic T-shirts he wears, the comments made by ole' Krazy Kendall during his appearance on the Hammer and Nigel show Thursday are right on the money.

Background and set-up for maximum pleasure and enjoyment of Kendall's Komments are as follows:

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma has an annoying, yet consistent habit of saying the most incredibly asinine things and taking positions that exhibit such an extraordinarily ludicrous level of buffoonery in his alleged "thinking" that we're genuinely impressed Mr. Bosma is able to avoid drowning in the shower each morning.

Bosma's latest submission for the imbecile hall of fame relates to his apparent belief that it is imprudent to support medical marijuana at this time because it would result in the immediate, wide-spread drug addition of all Hoosier citizens to a level of horror we cannot possibly imagine.

Ragin' Rob picks up from here:

"I hear this and it's like how stupid and irresponsible do you think we all are? You're going to deny cancer patients and veterans with PTSD what they need because you're afraid everyone is going to become a drug addict.

...What's really going on is that big pharma - who buys and sells these people - they need their pills to be the answer. They don't care about the opioid crisis; that's what this is about. And medical marijuana would put a big dent in pharma's profits." 

Click the link below to hear Little Robbie Kendall's full takedown of Brian Buffoon Bosma:

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