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GOP Tax Bill: Sen Todd Young Responds

Photo Credit-Chip Somodevilla


Indiana Senator Todd Young joins the program to talk tax reform. U.S House Republicans revealed their tax reform plan today, and Senator Young talks us through the process and what he likes about the plan.

“I really like the President’s framework. His emphasis is making sure we are competitive against the rest of the world. It would result in a code that is simpler, fairer and put more money in the pockets of working class Hoosiers.”

In the proposed tax reform, Hoosiers would have a cap on deductions for state and property taxes up to $10,000. We ask Senator Young about that.

“My intent is not to vote for a perfect bill, but the bill needs to be simpler. I’ll be fighting for Hoosier interests and I’ll be well armed and make sure that whatever is produced in the Senate is as optimized as possible to benefit our state.” 

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