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Guy Relford: NRA Willing To Throw Bump Stocks Under The Bus


Guy Relford joins us to talk a little bit about bump stocks. It’s a device we’ve heard a lot about recently in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

Yesterday the NRA released a statement saying that they would support the ATF possibly regulating bump stocks. Guy breaks down what he personally thinks about bump stocks and how this decision to potentially regulating them doesn’t make sense to him.  

“They are clearly willing to throw bump stocks under the bus because no serious shooter cares about bump stocks… They’re a gimmick. I’d never put one on my rifle because they decrease accuracy. They see these horrific events in Las Vegas and they’re willing to throw this goofy accessory under the bus.”

“It gives credence to the idea that if we regulate devices we can regulate human behavior and that’s flawed logic, that’s horrible. Even though we don’t care about bump stocks, the NRA has done a very poor move here strategically.”

Throughout its history, the NRA has opposed the ban of any restrictions on firearms. Guy speculates that the NRA is potentially using the bump stock as a sacrificial pawn.

“I think it’s simplistic as ‘if we give away this little thing then we won’t have to give away something later.’ They are worried about renewed assault weapon ban legislation and other issues we care about as second amendment advocates.”

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