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Hammer: “Living Wage” Sets An Expectation For Mediocrity

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The Indianapolis City-County Council voted to raise the minimum wage for city employees to $13 an hour which was passed overwhelmingly by the City-County Council.

Republican Janice McHenry and a few others said they were also concerned that relatively low-paid supervisors would be making the same amount or barely more than those they were supervising.

Councilman Steven Clay said he was concerned about the future sustainability of the proposal and about how agencies’ budgets would be affected, but he ultimately voted for it.

Hammer is NOT a fan of the "living wage" idea. He says that non-city employed workers will demand to be paid the same as city employees.

"People are going to start protesting and picketing and being angry because now everybody is going to want a living wage, not just city workers. Just because you have a low paying job at a fast food joint, doesn't mean you should be paid the same as someone employed by the city of Indianapolis."



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