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Hammer: LIVE From Vegas

Photo Credit- Jason Hammer

While Nigel and Producer Ari are working hard to put together the show, Jason Hammer is pounding tequila shots poolside in Vegas. We put in a call to Hammer to get an update on his excursions in Sin City.

Being a degenerate gambler, you can be sure that Hammer has been furiously placing bets all over town. Shockingly, he actually won a crazy prop bet involving the Colts.

“Originally I was going to bet $10 on Jack Doyle to score the first touchdown of the game, but my better half called me a derogatory name and told me to up the ante. We dropped $20 on Jack Doyle…That was a $20 bet that ultimately paid $320.”

The city of Las Vegas is still recovering from the mass shooting. Hammer is staying near the Mandalay Bay, where the shooting recently occurred.

“They’re candles, teddy bears, notes and flags all over this end of the strip. It’s turned into a memorial. It’s incredibly sad. Everybody is talking about it. Don’t be fooled by people saying it’s business as usual. It may be business as usual, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about it.” 

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