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Hammer's School Safety Solution

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It seems like after every mass shooting there is a lot of talk, but not much action. Hammer is sick of the tweeting and complaining with no solutions, so he’s taking it upon himself. He’s proposing an idea to help protect schools.

“You need IPS to eliminate its plan for a billion dollar tax hike. Then, Governor Holcomb demands that each school has a referendum for armed officers at every high school and middle school. One at each school; two if the school is large. I hate raising taxes, but I don’t see a reasonable way that both sides don’t feel like is a good thing. The NRA stays, 2nd Amendment and AR-15’s stay, and the folks who keep saying “something must be done” get some results. It’s not perfect, but the pieces are here for our elected officials to figure something out.”

The economics of the plan work out like this:

APPROX: 2.5 Million Tax Payers in Indiana

40,000 per officer. Approx. 4,000 total High Schools and Middle Schools in Indiana.

$160,000,000 needed. Each taxpayer pays $64. $5.33 per month

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