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HEARTWARMING VIDEO: Man on Treadmill Hit by Car

Don't Worry, He's Probably Fine

(Photo: Screen Capture)

Nothing ruins a workout and throws you off your pace quite like getting hit by a car. You're past the warm-up, you've just reached your target heart rate when "WHAMMO," some jackass uses his Oldsmobile to play "smash the jogger."

Yep, workout's over; your bones are crushed.

Oh sure, you could hit another gym, but the only "burn" you'll be feeling is that newly-acquired shattered femur of yours. Good luck with that, Skippy. Looks like it's the rowing machine for the next 6-8 weeks. 

A man in Los Angeles had his workout interrupted under similar circumstances, Thursday. 

Samuel Kiwasz (it's a family name) was jogging away when a car crashed through the window of his gym, eviscerating Kiwasz' favorite treadmill, an elliptical he was never too fond of, and a stationary bike he had yet to try.

Authorities at the scene confirmed that the vehicle involved in the incident will be sent to a local body shop for repairs, following the acquisition of no less than two estimates from accredited facilities.

The vehicle's owner is unsure at this point whether she will elect to retain ownership of the car or trade it in on something sportier for the summer.

Witnesses at the scene confirmed that the driver got out of her vehicle after the debris had settled and checked on Kiwasz. It's the neighborly thing to do, after all.

After confirming that her car had shattered several of Kiwasz's bones - rendering him unable to move, but still conscious - the driver, whose name had not been released at the time of publication, got back into her vehicle and attempted to flee. 

An off-duty police officer stopped her, causing the driver to miss a hair appointment that had been booked several weeks in advance.

Hey, wanna see the video? 

Elite broadcasters and pillars of the community, Hammer and Nigel covered the story in today's edition of "Is This Anything?"

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