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HELLO, Nearly Naked Neighbor! Want a Piece of Candy?

‘Sexy Mr. Rogers’ and 'Sexy Bob Ross' Costumes Debut for Halloween 2019

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood - especially when your favorite nearly-naked naughty neighbor drops by your pad in a sexy Mr. Rogers outfit and asks you for a piece of candy.

Dirty Mr. Rogers: "MMMmm... I'll give you a 'piece of candy.' Do you like hard candy? I've got a real jaw breaker for you right here in my pants. Do you like sucking on things?"

Retailer Yandy has just unveiled their 2019 line of sexy Halloween costumes, featuring a seductive Mr. Rogers outfit called the "Nicest Neighbor." 

Dirty Mr. Rogers: "Come on in, I have lots of toys. Do you like toys? Would you like to see 'Trolley' enter the tunnel?"

The costume comes with a red V-neck knit sweater, a detached collar and tie, and high-waisted gray booty shorts. To complete the look, there’s also a vinyl wig and puppets available as part of the “Be My Neighbor” costume kit.

Dirty Mr. Rogers: "I like puppets. I like to put my fingers inside them and make them move around. Could I play with your puppet?" 

Yandy also has a sexy Bob Ross costume available.

Dirty Mr. Rogers: "Oh, it's nice to have friends, don't you think? Do you know the term **** buddy?"

Yandy also has a full line of generic and non-specific sexy costumes for those who want to look hot while trick-or-treating without soiling their childhood memories.

Dirty Mr. Rogers: "It's fun to dress up in different outfits and pretend to be other people. Would you like to play a round of make-believe in my bedroom?"

Hammer and Nigel have more in today's edition of "Is This Anything?"

Dirty Mr. Rogers: "Oh, it's such a goooood feeling."

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