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H&N Exclusive- James Hinchcliffe: Just a Fan at Heart

Photo Credit-Richard Rodgiguez/Getty Images

Hammer and Nigel spoke to IndyCar fan favorite James Hinchcliffe today. James is obviously in town preparing for the Indy 500 and his upcoming blood drive on May 21st. There are plenty of IndyCar drivers, but James is undoubtedly a fan favorite here in Indy.

“I relate to fans because long before I ever held a steering wheel I was one of those people chasing Mario Andretti around the paddock with a sharpie. It’s still who I am. I’m a fan of this sport and the product we put on this track is as exciting as anything on four wheels… I relate to the fans because I still am one.”

Back in 2015, James survived a near-fatal crash at the Indy 500. Since then, he has hosted the ‘Hinchcliffe Hundred Blood Drive’ in Indianapolis.

“This is close to my heart… I became very knowledgeable in the need for blood, especially in the Midwest. I don’t want to have everyone to go through something like I did to learn just how important this is and just how serious a shortage we face in the country.”

Information about James’ blood drive at IMS is available here 

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