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Home Depot Driver Leaves Profane Message for Homeowner

Four Letter Word or Acronym for "See You Next Time?" You Make The Call, America!


(Screen Capture: twitter.com/LaraZarowski)

Don't you just hate when the delivery driver from Home Depot calls you the C-word? It's one thing to be called that by your kids or the family pet (my ex-wife had a profane parrot that used to call guests "c***suckers), but quite another to hear it from the man entrusted with delivering quality construction materials to your homestead. 

Washington resident Lara Zarowsky claims it happened to her. Zarowsky recently ordered a refrigerator for her new place from Home Deport, but she wasn't home when the driver stopped by her place to drop off the goods. No big deal, of course, and the driver left her a very nice personal note calling her a c***.

Zarowsky posted the note on Twitter, where all doers of bad deeds are publicly flogged by their victims:

Zarowsky also gave a television interview to KING-TV about the "frightening" incident.

According to the report, Zarowsky called the Home Depot customer service line but was disappointed with the way the customer service representative handled her concern.

“She says, ‘Oh I talked to the driver, and he says it means, ‘See you next time,'” Zarowsky said. “I didn’t accept that as an answer as I think most people wouldn’t.”

Zarowsky said Home Depot did not take her concern seriously until she canceled her order.

Okay, so the only time a delivery driver for Home Depot is justified in calling you the C-word is if you cut him off in traffic. All bets are off at the point.

On the other hand, I kind of dig the idea of an entire line of appliances that curse at you, and it would probably benefit society. Can you imagine a refrigerator that calls you a "fat, lazy piece of crap" or a "tub of guts" every time you open the door?

How about a line of turkey roasters that plays one-liners from Don Rickles (or Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globes)? 

We've already seen the possibilities of talking toilets thanks to the series "Better Call Saul."

These ideas make sense to me! But seriously, don't call people c***s. 

Hammer and Nigel offer up their take on the profane package delivery man in today's edition of "Is This Anything?" Plus, cops in Lake Worth Beach, Florida got a call about a woman screaming for help the other day. When police arrived, the damsel in distress turned out to be a guy's parrot.

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