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Hoosier Military Members Respond To Trump's Speech

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Last night, after President Trump’s address on Afghanistan, we asked Hoosier military members (past and current, men and women, Republican and Democrat) to share with us their thoughts on what the president had to say.

We are keeping their names anonymous. This is what they wrote to us…


My thoughts are I like the following:  Killing, not building. Pakistan do more. Hell, do something. And if not, doesn't matter too much because we no longer respect your border if we identify a target. No hiding in safe haven loopholes. Not telling the exact plan, no numbers, no preconceived time deadlines; instead, quantifiable bench marks of success in a coherent plan.

US military has been handcuffed since Vietnam. Rules of engagement have more verbiage than the tax code. If you're in a battle you shouldn't need a hall pass to do what you're there to do. This was part of the Commander in Chief's platform and he's making good on it while requesting funding and support from India.

Best speech President Trump has ever given! Definitely something to be proud of! The Military is necessary around the world.....Trump knocked out of the park

Spent two very different tours in Afghanistan. One I was embedded with the Afghan army. I agree that we need to support them while not acting as conquerors. Very fine line to maintain. But what will undo it all is if we leave. That would be the absolute worst thing to do. Agree with the plan

Spent a year in Afghanistan in 2009. That place is a complete sh*t hole. I could not ask for a better leader of our military than President Trump. He is doing ALL THE THINGS we have been desperate for. Taking away the combat restraints Obama put on our soldiers, killing terrorists. It was ridiculous the way Obama micromanaged our soldiers. The best thing-- KILLING THE TERRORISTS AND STOP TRYING TO NATION-BUILD THAT GARBAGE COUNTRY. They don't want a democracy any more than we want illegal immigrants inside our borders. Great speech. President Trump is a true leader, a hero for America.

I served in the 101st Airborne during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 during the initial invasion and again in 2005. I like how we are not going to disclose our plans and how we are going to kill terrorist instead of rebuilding nations. I like how we are not going to commit to time frames… rather hold countries accountable.  I liked the speech.

Hey as a 15 year service connected disabled veteran of the army… I am completely satisfied with the job Trump is doing and mad dog as well as his closest general advisors. We need to quit trying to turn the countries to our way of life… do what we need to & get the hell out, finally the big green beast is unleashed again.

I spent 11 honorable years in our US Navy. I was stationed on the Hudson in Earle, NJ., a stone's throw from NYC. After five months in, we were off the coast of Pakistan sailing home through the Straits of Hormuz when the planes hit. Our ship swiftly reversed course and headed back into the Gulf, accompanied with an announcement from our Captain that our home-coming was on delay. We were the first US military command to respond. Unbelievable this was 16 years ago. For me, this is 16 years too long. While I agree, it would be foolish to just pull out and create another terrorist safe-haven; while I also agree, it's not up to us to push our military to push our vision of democracy. I too, think it would be a grave mistake to leave now without an agenda of how to solve an obvious issue. Stop the timelines and giving away what should be secret information; regards to National Security, we reveal too much. 


  We took your calls next. What did you think of the speech? Did the President Flip Flop?


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