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Hoosier Riding Out Hurricane In Florida

Photo Credit- NASA/Getty Images


Steve Mitchell is a Greenfield native, but he’s currently in South Florida riding out Hurricane Irma.

“It’s like Mad Max down here. If you wanted to go north, you should have done it a week ago. The wait is an hour for gas. Overall, the mood is tense, but nothing crazy yet.”

The state of Florida has experienced dozens of hurricanes over the past decade. Steve says that even with the state’s familiarity with storms, the level of panic over Irma is still high.

“I’ve lived here off and on since 2002. This is my fourth hurricane. This one is supposed to be more severe. The challenge is the unknown, but you’d think people would know better, but it’s still a state of panic.”

Hurricane Irma isn’t expected to make landfall until this weekend, but Steve explains that the affect is already noticeable.

“When a storm is coming, nature tells you when it’s going to happen. It’s an eerie feeling. There’s not a bird in the sky, no wildlife. Like a dead air feel. It sucks the life out of the atmosphere.”

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