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Hoosiers Making An Impact In Houston

Photo Credit-Brett Reiffit

Awesome story here about two Hoosiers who saw what was happening in Houston and wanted to help. Clayton Jennings and Blake Whiteley packed up a truck with supplies and drove down to Houston to help in the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

“We came down here two days ago. We did what he could to help. We took a truck full of resources, food, water, bread and blankets. We took it to a shelter and were part of the effort in rescuing people.”

Clayton is an evangelist and Blake is a national hip hop recording artist. Both are on a break from touring right now and say they felt compelled to help out after seeing all the devastation on TV.

“We’re in between shows right now. We just felt it in our heart to go down there and help out.”

You can find out more about Clayton and his ministry at


Blake’s music is available on iTunes and Spodify

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