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How NOT to Drive Like an A-Hole When The First Snow Hits

Mike Bair of WIBC Traffic and Chippendale Fame Weighs in

(Carlos bcn/Getty Images)

For some reason, always every motorist on the roadways of Indianapolis believes himself or herself to be - as Dustin Hoffman's 'Rain Man' would say - "an excellent driver."

The problem? Roughly 80% of the motorists on the roadways of Indianapolis are incredibly bad drivers. Seriously. Like Stevie Wonder could do a better job behind the wheel than most of these people.

The inescapable conclusion is that come this year's first snowstorm, Indianapolis roadways will become a real s**t storm.

Fret not; WIBC's Hammer and Nigel show and American sex symbol, Matt Bair are here to help.

Bair offers his insightful "traffic tips & driving don'ts" in the clip below. Click the link to be a well informed, competent driver and less of a dumb a** on Indy's roadways this year. 

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