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Huffington Post: Rudolph is Bigoted, Offensive

Rational People Who Aren't Morons: Huffington Post is Mad Magazine Without The Journalistic Integrity

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The 1964 holiday television special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is “problematic,” “bigoted” and "offensive." Now you know.

At least that's the claim that was put forth this week by the deep-thinking intellectual geniuses at the Huffington Post, who uploaded a video to Twitter in which they alleged that the animated classic is bigoted and offensive because it portrays Rudolph being “marginalized” and bullied by the other characters.

Granted, it's not surprising that the progressive imbeciles at HuffPo would take such a firm stance against the beloved childhood tale. They're liberals; they have a built-in genetic aversion to any and all things associated with goodness, joy, and normalcy. Those things are like kryptonite to your average progressive dimwit.

Congratulations, HuffPo; this is the dumbest thing we've heard from the left since Kristen Bell slammed Disney's "Snow White" in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Carry on, imbeciles, carry on. And please be patient; some nice young men in white coats will be by to collect you shortly.

Hammer and Nigel discuss the latest buffoonery from the Huffington Post in the following clip:

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