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Hypocrisy Alert: GLAAD to Honor Jay-Z Despite Long History of Homophobia

Bigoted Lyrics? All is Forgiven!

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Hey, wanna hear something that will absolutely delight your "GLAAD is full of s***" senses? Rap mogul and Hollywood producer Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce, are set to be honored by the gay rights group this month for their role in “accelerating LGBTQ acceptance.” 

Now then, here's why this is rather curious:

Jay-Z has a long and proudly-shameful history of artistically expressing his homophobia in the lyrics to his songs. Maybe the fine folks at GLAAD don't listen to hip-hop.

This isn't the first time that GLAAD has honored our anti-gay pal, Jay-Z. Beyonce's main squeeze received the GLAAD Special Recognition Award last year for his song and video for “Smile,” which featured his mother Gloria Carter, who is a lesbian. GLAAD said the rap icon is being honored because of his inclusion of LGBTQ artists in his work, from Janet Mock to James Baldwin, and for his support of marriage equality.

Here are few lyrics from Jay-Z's other pro-gay compositions:

In his 2001 song “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love),” the pro-gay singer raps:

Young f***s spittin’ at me, young rappers gettin’ at me
My nigga Big predicted this s**t exactly
“Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” – gotta move carefully
‘Cause fa***ts hate when you gettin’ money like athletes

Jay-Z also took a stand for 'equality' in a toe-tapper called, “La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again),” in which he sings:

Now I ain’t down with who like me or who like you
That’s gay, I ain’t into liking dudes no way

He bravely took a stand for the gay community in his tune, “22 Two’s,” :

Too many fa**ot niggas clockin’ my spendin’
Exercisin’ your gay-like minds like Richard Simmons

Enjoy your award, Jay-Z. Thanks for doing your part to put an end to homophobia.

The fine radio team of Hammer and Nigel - radio 'partners,' but not gay - discuss the heartwarming tale of GLAAD and Jay-Z in the clip below.

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