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The Indiana Debate Commission = New Coke

Who Schedules A Daytime Debate That Is Closed To The Public And In Front of Very Few Registered Voters?

So let me get this straight, there was a Gubernatorial Debate today? It was at 10:30am? It was in a place where the public could not attend? The most talked about political race in the state and one of the swing races in the country held a debate on a Tuesday morning in front of only a handful of registered voters? Huh?

You don't have to be a political mastermind or have experience in event planning to know that this is quite possibly the most idiotic thing to happen to the state in a while. The debate was at Lawrence North High School at 10:30am on a Tuesday. The debate was in front of students, administrators and teachers. The public was not allowed into the debate. I understand that the debate was about education, but is it asking too much for registered voters to be able to see it? This would be like if the Colts played a playoff game against the Patriots at 9AM inside of their practice facility on West 56th Street on a random weekday and only the custodial staff, coaches and trainers could attend.

I'm not mad at the candidates for showing up, I actually give them props for doing so, but whoever runs the event planning for the Indiana Debate Commission should be ashamed of themselves. Also, as an event planner myself, I know that MULTIPLE people had to sign-off and agree to this. They ALL are to blame. This is beyond a bad idea, this is "New Coke" bad (Millennials, please do a Google search for "New Coke.") The Indiana Debate Commission made it so that nobody could see this and they are to blame for this. Based off of the "water cooler" talk this morning, people are kind of into the debates, so why take this away from Hoosiers who would love to hear this? This is a close race and all eyes around the nation are looking at Indiana to see how we vote. Honestly, I'd like to see how Lt. Gov. Holcomb does as "THE" guy in the spotlight, but I won't find out until later because a group of freshman who don't want to be there and are not registered voters are seing the debate and not I. I can't recall if it was Plato, Aristotle or Forrest Gump who said, "Stupid is as stupid does." The Indiana Debate Commission made a stupid decison with this. They are officially the "New Coke" of event planning. -Hammer

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