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Indiana has to be Proactive with Sports Gambling

According to Casino Association of Indiana CEO, Indiana Could Have Legal Sports Gambling as Soon as 2019

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The Supreme Court has ruled that sports gaming is now a state issue and removed the restrictions that the old Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) created. It’ll now be on the Indiana law makers to determine if sports gambling will be readily accessible across the state. Hammer is the king of sports gambling and thinks Indiana needs to move quickly.


“Indiana has to be proactive about this. We can’t wait for Ohio and Iowa to steal Hoosier jobs. I’m thinking about all the people who work in casinos and riverboats across this state. They could easily cross the state line if Indiana doesn’t move on this… The problem is our state’s track record isn’t great. Just look how long it took us to get alcohol on Sundays.”

Hammer and Nigel also spoke to Matt Bell, the President and CEO of the Casino Association of Indiana to elaborate on what this could mean for Indiana. Matt discusses the timeline for when Hoosiers can start making sports bets.

Matt Bell- President & CEO of Indiana Casino Association:

“Each state has to make this decision. The general assembly will have to start over in January and we are hopeful they will pass this legislative measure… If everything goes right, we could have this passed by the 2019 NFL season… Indiana was one of the early states to legalize daily fantasy sports and casino style gaming… There are examples of how Indiana has led the market in this.”

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