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Indiana has a Lottery Controversy

Photo Credit- Andia/Getty Images

If you’ve ever played a scratch-off game from the Hoosier Lottery, there is a chance you were ripped off. As Kaitlin Lange of the IndyStar tells Hammer and Nigel, the lottery is taking high-dollar scratch-off games off the market before all the prizes can be won.

According to Kaitlin, more than 51 percent of high prize scratch-off game tickets have gone unclaimed in the five years because the company pulled the plug on those games before about half of the tickets could be sold. A new private operator, IGT, recently took over operations for the Hoosier Lottery.

“Before this private operator took over, about 10% of these prizes went unclaimed. Now it’s up to 50%... It’s a lot lower in other states.”

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