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Indy Native Gordon Hayward Suffers Horrific Injury

Photo Credit-Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Brownsburg native and former Butler player Gordon Hayward made national headlines last night after suffering a horrific injury to his ankle. Hayward was carted off the court and received medical attention. He was later diagnosed with a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia. We have Ryan Galloy, Director of Sports Medicine at Butler, on the line to take us through the injury and what goes on behind the scenes for the medical team when an injury occurs.

“There’s always a plan in place as a medical team. Your main job is obviously getting out there, but also making sure the player is calm… They stabilized the ankle in that vacuum seal, but first thing you’re checking is if he has circulation, does he have sensation? If that’s alright then you give him something to numb him to the point where they can reset the ankle.”

While the injury was quite gruesome to look at, Ryan says that an ankle injury was a better scenario than a broken leg.

“A lot of it is speculation, but that injury looks worse than it probably is. You’re looking at several months. It depends on the soft tissue damage. The bone isn’t the real problem; it depends on tendons and tissue damage.”

Ryan was the athletic trainer at Butler during Hayward’s time there. He’s confident that Gordon’s dedication and work ethic will not make this a career ending injury.

“The kid is going to do the work. He’s committed himself since when he got here and when left to taking care of his body. The first few months he won’t be doing a lot. There’s an immobilization for a month or so, but he can probably get back to shooting on the court in 3 or 4 months.” 

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