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Indy's Hard Rock Cafe is Closing it's Doors

"But their food was so good and reasonably priced!" - No One Ever

(Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

An iconic restaurant in downtown Indianapolis is closing its doors for good.

Hard Rock Cafe will officially cease operations at its 49 S. Meridian St. location when it's lease expires on March 18, although the owners told local media outlets that Hard Rock Cafe is willing to remain in Indianapolis if another suitable location can be found.

Considering the high volume of quality restaurants that have emerged downtown in recent years, however, competition for business is fierce, making it tough going for an aging franchise with notoriously lousy and overpriced food its menu.

To its credit, Hard Rock has lasted much longer in the Indianapolis market than other chains with similar concepts. Remember Planet Hollywood? Dick Clark's American Bandstand? 

Maybe the novelty of munching on $12 burgers while gazing at entertainment memorabilia has finally run its course. Pity, really. We rather liked their fries.

Hammer and Nigel offer their tribute to The Legendary Hard Rock Cafe in the clip below. Grab a burger and enjoy:

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