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Interview: Actor Shot At While Filming Bank Robbery Scene


This is an unbelievable story out of Crawfordsville.  Jim Duff was an actor filming a robbery scene when the police showed up, thought what they were seeing was real and fired a shot at him.

We talk to Jim about what exactly happened and what was going through his head.

“We were doing a robbery scene and when we said our lines I was backing up towards the door and there were the police. They told me to drop my gun and fired at me… I was pretty much scared….I felt the bullet whiz about two inches above my head.”

The producer of the movie never notified the city that a movie was being filmed. The officers who arrived at the scene had no idea this was fake.

“The officer made the comment to me, ‘You’re lucky I missed.’ I would say they were angry.”

Hear Jim’s full interview below 

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