Is It Racist: NBA Teams Moving Away from Term 'Owners'


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Is It Racist: NBA Teams Moving Away from Term 'Owners'


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The NBA is reportedly considering moving away from using the word “owner” due to its "racial insensitivity," according to a report from TMZ. 


NBA star Draymond Green of Golden State Warriors argued against using the term on LeBron James’ HBO show “The Shop” late last year. Apparently the issue gained some steam. In fact, two teams have already stopped using it.

(double facepalm)

“You shouldn’t say owner,” Green argued on the program, asserting that it should be changed to CEO, chairman or majority shareholder.

(I'm beginning to get light-headed)

The Sixers have since changed the title of their owners to managing partners, and Steve Ballmer of the Clippers is listed as chairman on the team’s website.

Enjoy the racially-sensitive perspectives of Hammer and Nigel.


"You've got to be kidding me! This is what's going to make everybody calm down? The whole issue of racism in the NBA will go away if we stop using the term 'owners'? Fine, go ahead. Knock yourselves out.


"Racism will be cured if we simply begin to refer to these team owners as 'CEO' or 'Majority Shareholder.' It'll be everybody holding hands together and singing 'Ebony and Ivory', everything will be great."

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