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Jeff Foxworthy Joins Hammer & Nigel

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Legendary comedian Jeff Foxworthy is on the Hammer and Nigel Show! He’s back on tour with Larry the Cable Guy as a part of “Jeff and Larry’s Backyard BBQ”.  We talk to Jeff about how this crazy idea for an outdoor show came together.

“It’s kinda crazy. Larry and I were sitting around and thinking, ‘What haven’t we done yet?’ and Larry throws out, ‘How about we do great food, comedy and music… and we do it all outdoors?’ and I thought ‘sounds cool’.

His thoughts on how being politically correct has changed his act.

“It’s so politically correct now. You have to worry about somebody being offended by everything, but you would be amazed about some of the letters I get about how people get offended. You had no problem laughing when I was talking about how much of a redneck I was!”

 And the orgins of his world famous "You know you're a redneck" joke

Check out the full interview here

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