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Jim Acosta: Whiny Pissant

CNN's Official Embarrassment to Journalism has Another Meltdown

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You ever notice how Jim Acosta really sucks at journalism? 

Scratch that.

You ever notice how Jim Acosta really sucks at pretending to be a journalist?

Wait; scratch that.

You ever notice how Jim Acosta is a whiny little pissant? There's certainly a mountain of evidence to support the thesis, and CNN's most punchable face offered up yet even more proof on Thursday night.

First a little background:

There's a very funny "Jim Acosta game" that Twitter users have popularized in response to Sir. Whiny Pissant's penchant for tweeting about himself. Players simply add the words "Dear Diary" to the beginning of any Acosta tweet, instantly transforming his vacuous musings into an entry from his journal. Think of it as a play on the old Chinese fortune cookie game where players add the words "in bed" to the end of their fortune.

Not surprisingly, pinheaded Pissant Acosta is all kinds of butt-hurt about the game, and he lashed out on Twitter Thursday night.

From the Daily Caller:

"CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta late Thursday night sent a vulgar direct message on Twitter to a former staffer in President Donald Trump’s administration.

'Fuck you,' Acosta wrote to Justin Caporale, the former director of operations for first lady Melania Trump.

Caporale just minutes before had mocked Acosta in a tweet for complaining about the Trump campaign’s treatment of the press.

'Tonight the Trump campaign/WH turned up the music so loud the press risers were vibrating. Nearly impossible to do live TV. I suppose the WH loves those kinds of shenanigans,' Acosta wrote on Twitter. 'But I wonder if it’s a security concern for [U.S. Secret Service] or local law enforcement. They can’t hear either.'

'Dear Diary…..' Caporale wrote in reply to Acosta.

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel discussed (meaning "mocked") Prickly Pissant's Twitter tantrum (TM) on Friday's show:


"Imagine you're some Trump supporter; you tweet at Jim Acosta; he is the Joker to your Batman, and he claps back 'F-You!'"


"Jackpot! They've got a great story for years to come now on that one."


"Yeah, I called out Jim Acosta on Twitter and he told me 'Blank You!'"

Click the link below to hear more from the guys in today's edition of "Are You Okay with This?"

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