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Las Vegas: Investigators Search For Motive In Shooter's Past

Jeff Monosso from Fox News reports from Las Vegas on the latest information

Photo Credit- Mark Ralston/Getty Images

As Las Vegas continues to recover from the tragic shooting that occurred on Sunday night, the search for a motive of why this massacre occurred continues.

Authorities are awaiting the return of Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who was reported to be in the Philippines at the time of the attack. She has been identified as a “person of interest” in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Officers still have questions that they hope she can answer.

We’re joined by Jeff Monosso from Fox News for an update on investigators continued search for a motive and further updates from the Las Vegas.

It has been reported that over a dozen weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in the hotel room Stephen Paddock was staying in. Also found were materials used to make explosives. Despite the collection of dangerous weapons found in his possession, there was no history of Paddock ever having a history of violence.

“This guy didn’t have a record. Nobody knew anything about him, you talk to his friends, you talk to his family. Quiet guy, he wasn’t a part of any group. There’s just no answer. I’ve covered so many of these before and even when you think you’re close to a motive. But sometimes you never get the answers you’re looking for.”

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