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The Latest on Sunday Sales


The Indiana Senate committee has unanimously endorsed lifting the ban on Sunday sales, with a vote in the full Senate possible next week. A House committee will vote next week on its own version of the bill.

We are joined by Eric Berman, who was embedded in the Indiana state house today. He gives us the latest.

"The discussion was scheduled to last two hours, and they only took 40 minutes... It's not a question of if this is going to happen, but when this is going to happen."

With the package stores supporting the change, the only testimony against it at a House committee hearing came from the Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking. The organization wants the bill to include a requirement that alcohol and alcohol promotions be kept in their own section of the store. The group also wants a nickel increase in the excise tax to pay for more staff and better technology for excise police, a step recommended by an alcohol study committee.

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