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Laura Loomer: Questions in Vegas Investigation

Photo Credit- Denise Truscello/Getty Images

Documents from the Las Vegas shooting have not been released due to officials saying the information would jepordize the investigation. Hammer has begun to believe that there may be some sort of cover up going on. Laura Loomer, an investigative journalist, has been covering the Las Vegas shooting and has some shocking news.

Laura claims that she has obtained a Mandalay Bay valet receipt showing a woman using the name Marilou Danley checked Stephen Paddock’s vehicle into the hotel hours before the Las Vegas shooting. Danley, the girlfriend of shooter Stephen Paddock, was previously not believed to have been in Las Vegas.

We have Laura on the show to explain exactly what is going on with this investigation.

Officials recently said that more people could possibly be charged in the shooting. This contradicts what officials have previously said; saying it was a lone gunman.

“You have to ask yourself, how are people going to be charged if they are insisting that Stephen Paddock was acting alone? The answer is that this is clearly not a lone gunman attack…. This receipt clearly shows she was on the property and when I reached out to MGM Resorts they told me they could not comment.”

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