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LaVar Ball vs Trump: The Feud Nobody Wanted

Photo Credit: Anthony Wallace/Getty Images

There has been a war of words and tweets recently between LaVar Ball, father of one of the UCLA basketball players who was arrested in China, and President Donald Trump. 

Controversy arose after Ball said he didn't need to thank Trump for assisting in helping his son return home. Trump fired off a few tweets and the battle was on. Ball appeared on CNN last night to speak on the topic and it was as mindless as you'd imagine. 

This was a conversation that took journalism and the American educational system back 100 years. Chris Cuomo laid out the facts and then it snowballed from there. LaVar Ball explained that he didn’t “Thank” the president because he didn’t know what he did. From there, it turned worse. LaVar wanted Chris Cuomo to thank HIM for being on the show. The cherry on top of the Sunday was when LaVar learned that Chris Cuomo’s nickname was ‘MO” and then he butchered his name multiple times.

At the end of the day, everyone who watched this interview became dumber for having watched it. 

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