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Live From Miami: An Inside Look at Hurricane Irma

Photo Credit-Lionel Chamoiseau/Getty Images

Emily Clark-Kahn, a native Hoosier and a scientist at the University of Miami, joins the Hammer and Nigel Show to talk about how the state of Florida is handling the impending storm.

Hurricane Irma is on course to make landfall in Florida sometime in the next few days. Emily talks about how Floridians are preparing.

“It’s pretty crazy. I went out to try and stock up on food and water and it looked like the end of the world by the way people were acting… There are shortages on food and water for sure. Gas stations have lines that are at least a block or two long and most of the stations are out of gas.”

Emily is originally from Indiana and has seen her fair share of bad weather, but explains that the situation she’s seeing in Florida is much more intense than any storm she’s ever seen in Indiana.

“I grew up in Beech Grove. I’ve been through snow storms, but it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. People are definitely on edge, tensions are high. I’ve definitely seen a lot of road rage and it seems like it could boil over at any moment.” 

 Listen to the full interview below

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