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Minnesotans Not Surprised by Franken Allegations

Photo Credit- Cory Ryan/Getty Images

In the wake of Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s resignation, we speak to Andrew Lee of KTLK Twin Cities Talk. He gives us the pulse of what Minnesota residents think about Franken.

“There’s a level of embarrassment that this guy is representing us. He’s lost his credibility; he’s lost his ability to be an effective senator. When you’re in the senate you have to work with other people. You have to build a coalition and he’s toxic. Nobody wants his name on their legislation.”

While the allegations against Franken were shocking to many around the country, Andrew explains that residents of Minnesota weren’t all that surprised.

“Most people believe the accusations. Being in Minnesota, people have had a lot of interactions with Senator Franken… there have been stories for years that he is condescending and rude and not a very pleasant person. When the allegations came out that happen at the state fair, it wasn’t a shock to many people who have had interactions with him. 

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