Muncie Mom Arrested After Kids Found Home Alone, Watching "Home Alone"


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Muncie Mom Arrested After Kids Found Home Alone, Watching "Home Alone"

Oldest Child Only 7 Years Old

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Parents... some of them are REALLY lousy at being parents.

A mother - at least in name - in Muncie, Indiana was arrested this week after police said they found a 7-year-old boy and his 4-year-old brother watching "Home Alone" while their mother was away at work.

According to authorities, the mother claimed she couldn't find a sitter so she told the older son to stay home from school with the younger sibling Tuesday.

Police received an anonymous phone call that two children, ages 7 and 4, had been left alone in the home. When officers contacted their mother at work, she told them she had done this before, but rarely.

The boys were placed in the care of an aunt while their mother is in county jail.

WIBC's Hammer and Nigel discussed the incident Friday afternoon.


"My heart broke for the family. I imagine if my kids woke up and my wife and I weren't there, they would freak out. Now it sounds like these kids are - sadly - used to it; this has happened before. 

And initially I felt bad for the mom as well as the kids because I don't know what decision you make if you can't find a sitter, but if you don't go to work you get fired. But then when I read the full story, the kids didn't open the door for the police immediately; they called their aunt and the aunt came right over. If there was nobody to watch the kids, how was the aunt able to immediately come over?

Just a really sad situation. I feel bad for that situation, it just sucks." 

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