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Nancy Pelosi: A 2018 Bat Crap Best Of

Pelosi: Can't Cry Wolf in Crowded Theater

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A partial government shutdown continues on with no resolution in sight, and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is using that time to soak up the rays in Hawaii. 

Fox News confirmed that Pelosi is vacationing in Kona, Hawaii, and was seen there Thursday as well as Friday morning. 

SO the bad news is that the House speaker-designate is frolicking in the waves without a care in the world while 800,000 Federal employees are furloughed or forced to work without pay. The good news is there's always a chance she could fall asleep on a surf board.

Look, we're all very happy that our favorite stammering buffoon has found time to work on her tan, but after listening to Hammer and Nigel's "Best of Nancy Pelosi" for 2018, we think our pal Nance has spent far too much time in the sun already. Click the link below; we think you'll agree with our assessment:

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