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New Developments in Franklin, Indiana Pediatric Cancer Investigations

Founder of "If It Was Your Child" Join Hammer & Nigel with Details


At least 50 children in Johnson County have been diagnosed with rare forms of blood and brain cancer over the last decade, and nearly half of them have been in Franklin, Indiana.

Stacie Davidson and fellow mom Kari Rhinehart — who lost her daughter, Emma Grace Findley, in 2014 from a rare brain tumor — began the grassroots organization "If It Was Your Child," which is working to call attention to the county's rising pediatric cancer cases and find the potential sources behind the illnesses.

Kari and Stacie joined WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel Thursday to provide insight into the latest developments in the matter - including Stacie's recent trip to Washington D.C. to speak with lawmakers.

Stacie Davidson:

"We met with both Senator Donnelly and Senator Young, as well as other key individuals. We also attended the environmental public works Senate hearing, and Senator Corey Booker mentioned Franklin in the hearing with interim administrator Wheeler. And they had discussions about how they would help communities such as Johnson County."

Davidson and Rhinehart also discussed the recent announcement from Franklin Community schools that they're able to give the 'all clear' on the elementary schools.

Click the link below to hear the full interview:

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