O.J. Simpson: "Bein' a Felon Ain't All Bad!"


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O.J. Simpson: "Bein' a Felon Ain't All Bad!"

Convicted Criminal Still Smug and Arrogant After All These Years

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Are there really any holdouts who still think O.J. Simpson is innocent?

After serving nine years in prison, 'The Juice' (who should have been given 'the juice') is "seemingly happy living life on the outside," according to The Bleacher Report.

Good to know; America's heart was aching with worry over the poor fella's happiness.

But don't go thinking his time in prison did anything to diminish the smug arrogance of Simpson, who was found guilty in a civil trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

In a video released by TMZ Sports Tuesday, Simpson told a fan at a Las Vegas restaurant Monday that "being a felon ain't all bad."

Insiders report that Simpson regrettably did not contract a terminal case of salmonella from the dining establishment. 

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