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Previewing The Colts On Monday Night Football

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The Indianapolis Colts are on the big stage tonight. The boys in blue are in Nashville to face off against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football. We called in the experts to give us the preview on everything Colts fans need to know about tonight’s game and beyond.  Colts writer Kevin Bowen from 1070 The Fan joins the show.

The Titans were a popular preseason pick to win the AFC South, but have failed to live up to expectations thus far. Kevin gives his scouting report.

“Their secondary has not been very strong, their defensive front has played well, but they’re very susceptible to big plays. Offensively we haven’t seen the jump in their passing game. They went out and got Eric Decker, they drafted Corey Davis, a wide receiver, 5th overall but they’ve had to lean on that run game. That offense has not been as potent as people thought they would be.”

Tonight’s matchup has huge implications on the standings in the division. If the Colts beat the Titans, they will be tied for 1st place in the division, but a loss puts them in last place.

According to Kevin, the key to beating the Titans lies in stopping the run.

“The number one thing they have to do is stop the run…. They’ve built this offensive live around their run game. On the offensive end, it comes down to Jacoby Brissett making his second career road start. Does he improve on what we saw in Seattle?”

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