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Rep. Rokita Explains his Decision to Skip Primary Debate

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A Republican Senate debate will be hosted by our very own Abdul Hakim-Shabazz on April 30th. There will be one noticeable absence on the stage, as Rep. Todd Rokita declined the invitation to attend. Rokita cited scheduling conflicts and a desire to only participate in debates that are organized and moderated by conservative Republicans. Rep. Rokita's press release took a few shots at Abdul which we want to try and clear up.

Rep. Rokita joins the Hammer and Nigel show to talk about his decision to not participate in the debate.


"We're going for the Republican nomination. Therefore it's incumbent to have conservative and republican groups organize and sponsor them. The Indiana Debate Commission are made up by colleges and professors who I guarantee will vote for no one else but Joe Donnelly... It's not about Abdul... I like Abdul personally, but he is not neutral. Let's not mistake that.... Abdul is a never-Trumper. Part of what this primary is about is determining who is going to be [Trump's] best ally... This is all about the establishment and the elite to get a candidate to not help Donald Trump."

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